May 18, 2012

Cosmo's 15th Anniv + Metro magazine event! ☆

   Cosmo's 15th Anniv + Metro magazine event! Flashing lights, sexy chick theme, fashion forward people & a lovely date... Last night, was Cosmo Magazine's 15th anniversary party at the NBC tent + Metro Magazine's event at Prive and I went with my lovely date, my sister Isabel Oli! :) What an awesome experience to walk in the red carpet and meet amazing, beautiful people! But do hate me for this, (coz I'm hating myself for this too) I totally forgot to bring my camera so my pictures are sucky and blurry and from the iPhone. But despite that, I still had a fun, great night! :) Check out the pictures below! :)  Pic taken from! Sister and I @ Cosmo's 15th :)

Backtrackkk! haha what I wore to this event :) Ring sponsored by my and my sister's jeweler, my mom! :)

Decided to go all black with an LBD with a twist. Feathers! :)

Smokey eye make-up for the finishing touches! :)

Something that were seen in the floors the whole night. Haha, I was literally shedding! no joke 

Awesome best friends for the night, YSL Tributes :)

I called ourselves the Black and the White swans! If you look at the right picture,
you'll see that we had matching YSL heels too! :) 
With my sister, Rico Maierhofer and his girlfriend :) Picture taken from his Twitter!

With the beautiful Kelly Misa and my sister! :) 

Super cute and super good chocolate cupcakes! Yummm :)

Just chillin with my sister, it was fun to catch up again! :)

Mirrors!!! Take advantage HAHA :)
Almost matching outfits with my sister!

Spot the Holy grail, the Alexander Mcqueen clutch!!!! :)

Next stop, Prive for Metro's event! :) Haha! 

Bufffet? Had the table all to ourselves! :)

Thank you for tonight sister! You're the best! :)

Awesome night with awesome people!
Hope you liked my sucky iPhone quality pics... Haha :D
Watch out for a delicious & colorful next post! :)
xx, Denise 


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    1. Yeah I know! I love it too! haha! one day! :)

  2. so pretty! I want to follow your blog but I cant see the follow / subscribe button :(

    1. Thank you! But awww :( It's just in the upper left side! :)

  3. It seems you had a great time at this chic event! And you have also a beautifull sister.

    1. I really did! Thank you, she really is! :)

  4. Hi! I loveee reading your blog denise :) good job!! And oh, been curious how did you become sisters w/ isabel oli? ;) for real?

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm sisters with her not by blood but by heart! :) She's my close family friend :)