April 19, 2014

Travel Diary: Kyoto, Osaka

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. There was something about this trip that made me so excited compared to our other trips. Maybe its because we haven't travelled for a while. So before we went out today, I researched on the delicacies that we had to try and on the places we had to visit in Osaka. Today, we went to Kyoto! So far, our first day here in Japan has been amazing! Read more...

April 14, 2014

White Morning

There's truly something about mornings that I absolutely love. I'm naturally an early riser so most of the time my alarm clock serves as a display because I automatically wake up without it. Like all things... for me this has two sides: a negative side--which makes me unable to sleep again, especially when you still want to go back to that peaceful slumber you had the night before & a positive side--it gives me a certain spark; a drive that lets you make your time and your morning productive. But this morning, I decided to break my tradition. I tried something new. I woke up and stopped to admire its beauty & serenity. Read more

March 08, 2014

Chanel 'Supermarket' Fashion Show

Chanel 'Supermarket' Fashion Show. Chanel, classic flannels, Karl Lagerfeld, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and supermarkets combined? Definitely unforgettable. That's what happened in this year's 2014 Chanel famous 'supermarket' themed fashion show. Finally, this collection is definitely something wearable and high-fashion at the same time. I loved the colors, cropped tops, monochromatic looks, chains & ripped designs. Check the pictures out! 

March 06, 2014

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis live in Manila- closed-

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis live in Manila! With "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us" as their hits, this duo is definitely one team to look out for! These two songs reached top of the pop charts making Macklemore and Lewis the first pair to reach this in music history. Want to watch them live? Join this ticket giveaway of mine to find out how you can win 2 free tickets to this concert! Click read more!

December 15, 2013

Cafe Pascucci

Cafe Pascucci. Sometimes, we all need that one place where we can just relax and be ourselves. With all the things we have, it's so easy to put on a mask and be different characters, to play lots of roles everyday. May it be your own room or maybe the latest Italian cafe that's now in Manila called Pascucci... we all need some silence (with a little bit of chill music) in this chaotic life of ours. Although it's hard, we need to learn how to balance active life with our contemplative life, right? (that one I got in our English class! Haha) Check out the pictures of Pascucci, the cafe that's perfect for us, teenagers, because of its young atmosphere, relaxing mood and modern sophistication!  

September 05, 2013

Black as the Night

Black as the Night.  Whenever someone asks me "So Denise, what's your favorite color?" I'm usually faced with a puzzled expression since my favorite color isn't a color at all. In fact, it's the absence of all colors...which is black. A proof of how much I love this color would be seen inside my closet. Probably half of the things that I own is of this shade and honestly, I still can't get enough of it. I don't know why I like it so much but there's always something so classy, mysterious and sophisticated about black. Plus points too, because it instantly makes you appear thinner! That's why, for a debut of a close friend of mine, I wanted to look simple but elegant at the same time. Check out my look below care of Religioso Manila for my gorgeous gown that's as black as the night :)

September 03, 2013

Lovely Sundays

Lovely Sundays. Admit it, Sundays are usually lazy days for everyone. It's that one day of the week where we all stop doing all our work (or for some... start it hehe) to just spend time, eat out and bond with our families. For, me this is why I consider Sundays very lovely. It's mainly devoted to God, and to the people we love the most in this world. This outfit post is what I felt like wearing last Sunday. Since I still had that weekend getaway hangover from Balesin, I went for a 'Grecian inspired' look! Check it out! :)

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