July 02, 2014

Disclosure x SM Accessories Ticket Giveaway-- Closed

Disclosure. They may have repetitive lyrics in their songs but the beat of their music is just perfect! What makes them more amazing is that they're brothers, and together they make electronic music. I'm pretty sure when you hear the song 'Latch' you just join in and sing along to its catchy tune right? Well, here's your chance to watch them live! Join my blog giveaway now! Thanks to SM Accessories for making my dream come true! I've always wanted to watch this from the moment I saw the poster :)

June 25, 2014

6 Things to Love About Travelling

Travelling. To take a 'journey' of some sort to another country is definitely a privilege. It's something to be truly grateful for because it's chance to be a first-hand witness of the wonders and the beauty of the world that we live in. It takes lots of preparations (from the tickets to the packing of clothes, what to bring, etc.) and finally, when the day comes, there's just something thrilling about it. Especially now that I'm a little bit older, I guess, it's something that I truly admire because I love the idea of 'taking a break'. We all need it. Sometimes an 'escape' from the usual routine brings us back to our senses and creates a different person, a better, more relaxed and peaceful version of ourself. Unfortunately, once we go back to the hustle and bustle of the city that we live in, we're back to reality. *insert sad teary-eyed emoticon* So, with that, let me ask you, what do you love about travelling? Here, I tell you 6 things that I personally love about it! See if you agree & read more   

June 17, 2014

8 Things That I Learned as a Freshman in College

It's June once again and it's a brand new school year for you and me. Right now, I'm a sophomore in college so I was given the chance to experience how it is to be in a university for at least a year already. I remember the time when I first entered my new school. I had mixed emotions, (happy, excited, scared, uneasy, nervous...all of these and more) since it was all so different. With a heart-rate that's higher than the usual and clothes that screamed 'this is me' I entered my classroom with a hopeful heart that I'll be able to survive 4 years in this college. Well if you ask me now, I'm glad to say that I did survive (and was able to maintain my scholarship and be part of the Dean's Lister throughout the year) while trying to adjust to the new environment around me. So what did I pick up from the past school year? Here are the 7 things that I learned as a freshman in college.
 Read more to find out what they are :)  

June 15, 2014

6 Books That Will Change Your Life

I have to tell you something. Growing up, I wasn't a fan of books.  I always thought that it was such a boring hobby. 'What am I going to do with a bunch of pages of papers filled with words and no pictures?', 'How much time will it take me to read that whole book? Probably never' were the ideas I had in mind whenever I saw books. With big-eyed dolls with pouty lips in my hands, I would spend my days probably playing with my toys, watching cartoons and filling up the spaces in my coloring book (hello, fellow 90's kids!). But, the summer after high school changed this point of view of mine. I grabbed a book, sat down with a cup of tea beside me and well, I guess I found my new passion. They say that one of the signs of growing up is when you like the things that you didn't like before. Now, I'm a bookworm and I can't tolerate idle time; I always have a book with me to fill those quiet times with voices, places, faces and experiences. Read more on the books that changed my life. It can change yours too! 

Specially Me

Since when did you see something so special? The Heart at Play Foundation presents: Specially Me! Their first benefit concert that will be held this June 21, 2014 at the ADMU Henry Lee Irwin Theater. Come and celebrate with us and our favourite dance crews: Legit Status, Fresh Flow, LMN, UP Streetdance Club, Company of Ateneo Dancers, IndAK (Indayog ng Atenistang Kabataan), Xavier Dance X and more dance alongside Special Needs brothers and sisters. 
Watch this video now :) See you there!!!! 

June 09, 2014

#OneVibePH Giveaway--Closed

7 performers in one concert? I'm sure that this will be a great one! Want to watch it with your friend? I'm giving away 2 free tickets to this #onevibePH concert on wednesday at the SM MOA arena!It's very easy to join! You just need to follow 4 easy steps!

May 30, 2014

Triangl Swimsuit

What happens when you combine Neon, Neoprene and swimsuit together? Triangl of course!
 Just the other day, I received my Triangl package. As soon as I opened it, I fell in love. Its to die for!
 It's definitely in my must-have list for this summer. Get yours as well! Read more